Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems

The programme

The main objective of the research programme Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems, is to conduct a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the long term transition of the European energy system towards significantly reduced CO2 emissions in Year 2050. This development follows the roadmap towards a competitive low-carbon economy set out by the European Commission. The focus of the research is on the transformation of the electricity system with links to relevant sectors such as the heating and transportation systems.

The research is mainly conducted at the Departement of Energy and Environment at Chalmers. Partipating external partners and financiers include Vattenfall, EON and Swedish Energy Agency


Our research areas





New PhD thesis on the role of Swedish single-family dwellings in the electricity system

In his PhD thesis work, Emil Nyholm, studies the impacts of solar photovoltaics, demand response and energy storage in single-family dwellings on the electricity system. The results indicate that under the current market and policy setup, which provide added value in self-consumption of PV generated electricity, i.e. not paying taxes and variable grid fees on self-consumed PV generated electricity, an expansion of household PV systems in Sweden is likely to take off during the upcoming ten years.

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Progress in wind-turbine technology increases profitability and electricity-system value

Over the past years, the development of onshore wind turbines has largely been directed towards higher turbine towers and reduced specific power (defined as rated power divided by the swept area of the turbine). Higher turbine towers leads to increased exploitation of higher wind speeds at higher altitudes while a reduction in specific power leads to increased utilization of low wind speeds.

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